Bluefield State College students (left-to-right) Mason Van Dyke, Caige Clark, David Cavins, and Hunter Hill pose with a microprocessor smart robot-vehicle they created during the fall semester’s ELET-Microprocessors course at BSC.

BSC Students Develop a Microprocessor Smart Robot-Vehicle

BSC Students Develop a Microprocessor Smart Robot-Vehicle

A team of four Bluefield State College students, seniors Mason Van Dyke and David Cavins, and juniors Caige Clark and Hunter Hill, selected and completed an innovative class project.  They created a microprocessor-guided smart robot-vehicle, and in the process, cultivated technical skills that will prepare them for successful careers.

As a requirement in BSC faculty member Joey Hazelwood’s “ELET 305-Microprocessors’ course, student teams work in the programming, trouble-shooting, and hands-on building of microcontroller basics that simulate industry standards for microprocessor controls.

“Our students complete lab sections that support circuits in programming I/O control, which helps in the communication of data between electronic devices and components,” Hazelwood explained.  “I firmly believe that our students are challenged in the Microprocessors’ course.  They are also able to build from their knowledge of prior engineering classes to be ‘industry ready.’”


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