BSC student Ryan Heimer Reaches Semifinals of WV College Business Plan Competition

BSC’s Ryan Heimer Reaches Semifinal Round of West Virginia Collegiate Business Plan Competition


Bluefield State College student Ryan Heimer has developed an innovative business plan that has been selected to advance into the semifinal round of the West Virginia Collegiate Business Plan Competition.

Heimer, a BSC senior majoring in Engineering Management with a minor in General Business, was encouraged by BSC Engineering Technology and Business faculty to enter the competition.  “My experience when taking BSC courses like ‘Business Planning for Engineers,’, “Business Law, Accounting, ‘Economics for Engineers’ and ‘Project Management’ provided the foundation for me to develop the technical and business sides of the project,” he explained.  A graduate of Shady Spring High School and the Academy of Careers and Technology, Heimer already holds certifications in industrial technology, and he is a licensed electrical technician.

“My business plan is to develop an electrical and facility management process that can solve infrastructure and electrical issues that could save time and costs for our clients,” he said.  “Our skilled team will provide a timely service for businesses.  I believe in this business plan and I’m focused on making it a reality,”

He is working now to develop a feasibility study for his plan, which will be submitted by January 24, 2020.  One week later, he will travel to Fairmont State University to present a two-minute “elevator speech” about his business idea for WV Collegiate Business Plan Competition judges who will evaluate the plan.  Next, he will participate in a series of interviews with business professionals to discuss his plan.  The top five finishers in both the “Lifestyle and Hospitality” and “STEM and Innovation” categories will advance to the final round.

“At this moment, I know not where my idea will lead,” he continued, “but a remember a quote by Franklin Delano Roosevelt—‘It is common sense to take a method and try it.  If it fails, admit it frankly and try another, but above all, try something.’” 

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