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Bluefield State is committed to helping student succeed. Staff are available to assist students with a variety of concerns and issues. You may choose to report a concern electronically.

What is a Student Concern?

A student concern is a situation, experience, or circumstance that inhibits the student’s ability to function well in the collegiate environment. Student concerns may include but are not limited to:

  • A health or other condition that requires a long absence from Bluefield State.
  • An emotional or mental health condition that causes a student to be a threat to self or others.
  • Student behavior that is disruptive to the Bluefield State educational environment.
  • A traumatic event experienced by a student.

If danger is immediate, call 911. If you believe there is an urgent situation with a student, call the Counseling Center at (304) 327-4444 and they will consult with you about what next steps to take.

Report a Concern about a Student

Faculty, staff, students or others who are concerned about the behavior of a student that is potentially dangerous to self or others, or is disruptive are encouraged to report or discuss the concern with an appropriate staff member utilizing the Student Concern Form. If you have a concern about a student, confidentiality laws do not prevent you from reporting a concern. Urgent or crisis situations may include, but are not limited to:

  • A risk of suicide
  • A threat of harm to others
  • Severely disorganized psychotic or out-of-control behavior
  • Trauma, such as sexual assault or the death or injury of someone close