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About the Board

The Board consists of nine lay members appointed by the Governor, one full-time faculty member, one classified staff employee, and one student.

The Board’s duties include:

  • determining, controlling, and supervising all financial affairs of the institution
  • developing a master plan for the Institutional Compact
  • submitting a budget request to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission
  • reviewing all academic programs at the institution every five years
  • exercising exclusive authority to approve teacher education programs at the institutional level
  • administering personnel pursuant to uniform rule
  • administering grievances
  • appointment and dismissal of the President
  • evaluating the President every three years
  • submitting an annual report to the Higher Education Policy Commission regarding the College’s Institutional Compact
  • entering into consortium agreements
  • delegating power to the President
  • abiding by existing rules regarding acceptance of advanced placement credit
  • acquiring legal services
  • setting tuition and fees
  • rescinding delegation of power to the President when necessary



  • Mr. Charlie Cole, Chairman
  • Mr. J Shannon Remines, Vice Chairman
  • The Honorable William Cole, III
  • Mr. Randall Price
  • Mrs. Cathy Deeb
  • Mr. Michael Hastings
  • Mr. Anthony Tolley
  • Mrs. Rebecca Peterson
  • Mr. Tim McKenzie (Staff Representative)
  • Mr. Jack Sheffler (Faculty Representative)
  • Luke Roberts (Student Representative)

Bluefield State University Organizational Chart

2024 BSU Organizational Chart


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Governance Policy Manual

Board of Governors Training Resources

AGB Consulting Report, 2018