To use a room on campus for an event, please see the below list of spaces, along with whom to contact to reserve a room and how to contact them.


Brown-Gilbert Basic Science:


Contact: Gail Rozzel, Senior Administrative Secretary



Conley Hall: 

Boyd Conference room (up to 30 people)

Contact: Jeanne Moricle 

(304) 817-4717


Dickason Hall: 

Tierney Auditorium (up to 75 people)

Tierney Conference Center (up to 66 people)

Contact: Susan Shrader, Program Assistant II



Mahood Hall:

Conference room


Contact: Michelle Baker, Senior Administrative Secretary



Medical Education Center:

Conference room

Contact: Zach Carlisle, Director of Housing



Othello Harris-Jefferson Student Center:

Cafeteria (up to 225 people)

Conference room (up to 45 people)

Game Room 

Hebert Gallery (up to 200 people)

Patio area

Please fill out the form at this link to reserve a space.

Space Application Form

Contact: Anne Pelchar, Director of Student Activities



Ned E. Shott Physical Education building:


Contact: Ryan Bailey, Associate Athletics Director


Pool (up to 100 people)

Please fill out the form at this link to reserve a space.

Pool Space Application Form

Contact: Jake Laney, Assistant Director of Student Activities



William B. Robertson Library

Classroom (up to 20 people)

Conference room (up to 25 people)

Lounge area


Dr. David McMillan, Director of Library Services