*All events must have a sponsor. An Event Sponsor must be a campus advisor, employee, or alumni of the college
Note: The time you indicate above will be the time that the facility will be unlocked and people allowed to enter. If you need access to the facility at another time to set up or decorate for an event, that request should be made on a separate application.
The event is (check one)

Please download the BSC Food Handling Guideline, here
No alcoholic beverages are allowed on campus. All functions must end by 11 PM unless otherwise agreed upon. A space application does not provide for any specific setup. If you have any special needs (tables, chairs, sound) you must complete a Work Order form.  The office of Student Life does not provide sound equipment, speakers, video, computer, or musical equipment for non-BSC functions.
The Sponsor agrees that this activity is properly conducted in accordance with the regulations of Bluefield State College and the Higher Education Policy Commission of West Virginia. The Sponsor assumes responsibility for any and all property damages and will make every endeavor to maintain proper conduct.  The Sponsor agrees to be present at the event for the entire time stipulated and to serve as the chief supervisor and contact person. The Sponsor understands that the doors will not be unlocked for anyone other than the Sponsor or designated person.
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