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NOTICE: The ACT/SAT have been waived as an admission requirement for the spring and fall 2022 semesters. However scores of ACT/SAT or Accuplacer are required for placement in English and Math courses contact the counseling center at 304-327-4016 for questions concerning the Accuplacer test.


Ready to apply to take classes at Bluefield State?

As you walk through the enrollment process below, the Bluefield State admissions team is available to answer any questions and help you stay on track. 

General Application

All students wanting to enroll at Bluefield State begin by submitting a general application, with the exception of nursing and radiologic technology students who need to fill out a separate application. (Learn more more about those requirements by visiting the individual program pages within the Allied Health section).

You can fill out an application online or through a printed form—no application fee required.

Printed applications can be mailed or returned to:

Office of Admissions
Bluefield State College
219 Rock Street
Bluefield, WV 24701

Fill out an Application

Additional Requirements

In addition to filling out an application, you’ll need to meet specific requirements depending on the type of student you are. To learn about these details, choose which profile best describes you below. International students can jump to the next section.

First-time freshmen

I’ve earned a high school diploma/equivalency, but never attended college.

In order to apply as a first-time freshman, you’ll need to meet the following requirements and prepare the below materials to submit with your application.

Minimum requirements:

  • Have earned a high school GPA of at least 2.0, an ACT composite score of at least 18 and an SAT composite score (combined Evidence-Based Reading + Writing and Math) of at least 970 or have earned a high school GPA of at least 3.0 and received any score on the ACT or SAT
  • Have taken the following high school classes:
    • 4 units of English (including courses in grammar, composition and literature)
    • 4 units of Mathematics (three units must be Algebra I or higher)
    • 3 units of Social Studies (including U.S. History)
    • 3 units of Science (all courses need to be college prep lab science courses, including classes in biology, chemistry and physics)
    • 2 units of Foreign Language (focusing on the same language)
    • 1 unit of Arts

Materials to submit:

  • An official high school transcript or GED scores, sent by your high school or your state’s Department of Education
  • A college transcript (only if you took college credit during high school)
  • ACT/SAT if available but not required for fall 2022 semester
    Submit first-time freshmen information

Transfer student

I’ve graduated from high school or secondary school and completed some college courses at another institution, and now I want to attend Bluefield State.

In order to apply as a transfer student, you’ll need to meet the following requirements and prepare the below materials to submit with your application.

Minimum requirements:

  • You must be eligible to return to your previous institution
  • If you’ve taken more than 32 credit hours, you need to have an overall GPA of at least 2.0 on all coursework.

If you don’t meet these criteria, you may make an appeal to the Admissions Committee to be considered.

Materials to submit:

  • A high school transcript, if you’re transferring fewer than 26 college credit hours
  • Official transcripts from each previous college you have attended
  • Copies of your ACT, SAT or ACCUPLACER scores, if you have not had 2 upper English and math courses.
    Submit transfer student information

Former student

I’ve previously attended Bluefield State College but have been absent from the college for one or more semesters.

In addition to re-submitting a general application, you will need to remain in good standing with Bluefield State and be eligible to return. If you took classes at another institution during your absence, you will also need to submit an official college transcript of that coursework.

Non-degree-seeking student

I want to take baccalaureate courses but don’t intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree just yet. 

If you fall into this category, Bluefield State will consider admitting you on a special non-matriculating basis. If, later on, you choose to work toward a degree, you will need to meet the admissions criteria for the desired program and provide the required materials.

In order to enroll as a non-degree-seeking student, you’ll need to submit an application before every semester you intend to take classes.

Transient student

I’d like take one or two classes from Bluefield State College while attending another institution.

If this describes you, you will need to submit an application each semester you want to take classes, as well as a one-time letter of permission listing the course CRN you will be taking from your home college or university.
Submit transient student information

Early college student

I’d like to take college classes while I’m still in high school.

In order to take classes at Bluefield State College while still in high school, you’ll need to have reached the level of a junior and have maintained a B average or better. In addition to an application, you will need to submit the following:

  • A copy of your ACT or SAT scores
  • Complete a Provisional Student Form, signed by your high school principal and parent/guardian

International Students 

Read more about applying as an international student here
Submit international student information


As a veteran, member of the military, or family member of one of these individuals, you have access to a wide range of VA Educational Benefits. Our goal at Bluefield State is to provide resources and support as you make the transition from service to student.

Bluefield State has an on-campus Veterans Certifying Official who works in the Registrar’s Office (Room 101, Conley Hall) and is available to help you apply for your benefits and address any concerns you might have. Bluefield State uses the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) for military personnel and American Council on Education (ACE) credits to help you get started in your educational pursuits.

Touring Campus

Visiting campus and talking to Bluefield State’s own is the best way get a feel for life as a student here. During your visit, you will get the chance to chat with an admissions representative, talk about your goals and interests, see the buildings and classrooms, visit the student center and athletic facilities, and catch a glimpse of Bluefield's surrounding natural beauty.

Tours are provided on an individual or group basis, and are normally scheduled Monday through Friday, at the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. To arrange a visit, please view the Visit BSC page.

Application Dates & Decisions

For Nursing & Allied Health application dates, please see individual program pages.

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive a confirmation letter from the Admissions Office within 24 hours. When your application file is complete (and all transcripts, test scores and immunization records, etc. have been received), you will receive another letter indicating your status. In addition to mail, Bluefield State staff may communicate with you in a variety of ways throughout the admissions process, including email, texts and via social media.