Tuition & Fees

Fall 2017 / Spring 2018

Hours Resident Non-Resident Metro Rate
1 279.00 541.00 396.00
2 559.00 1,083.00 795.00
3 838.00 1,624.00 1,191.00
4 1,117.00 2,165.00 1,588.00
5 1,397.00 2,707.00 1,986.00
6 1,676.00 3,248.00 2,383.00
7 1,955.00 3,789.00 2,780.00
8 2,235.00 4,331.00 3,178.00
9 2,514.00 4,872.00 3,574.00
10 2,793.00 5,413.00 3,971.00
11 3,073.00 5,955.00 4,369.00
12 3,364.00 6,516.00 4,780.00

The rates shown above apply to all Bluefield State College campus locations.

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Special Fees

All students enrolled in Nursing A.S., B.S., LPN to RN Programs, and Radiology Technology will be assessed a Health Science fee. A.S.N. is $450 each Fall & Spring semester. B.S.N. is $25 per credit hour for upper level nursing classes. A.S. Radiology is $225 each semester - Summer (I & II), Fall & Spring and the B.S. in Imaging Science has a $25 per credit hour fee. The LPN to RN Program Annual Fee of $500 is assessed in the summer.

Classes with a prefix of ARET, CIET, COSC, ELET, ENGR, MIET, MEET, EGMT, and GNET will be assessed a $25 per credit hour lab fee.   Classes with a prefix of BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, PHSC, NASC, and ENSC will have a $35 per credit hour programmatic fee.

Online Web classes are $30 per credit hour. Business Programmatic fee is $100 per semester for business majors and there is a business lab fee of $20 per credit hour where applicable.  The Education Programmatic fee for education majors is $100 per semester.  The RBA portfolio fee of $300 and $10 per credit hour posting fees are charged when portfolios are submitted.  In addition there is a $42 technology fee for all degree seeking students.

Special Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE except when a class is canceled by the college.

Please note: These fees are subject to change at any time by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. 

*The refund policy will only apply to students who totally withdraw from the college. No refunds will be made because of a reduction in credit hours. See the catalog for further information.

Late Registration Fee

Any student who has not completed registration and paid registration fees by the end of the day designated as Last Day for Registration and Payment of Fees will be considered a late registrant and will be charged a late registration fee of $50.00. Any exception occasioned by an irregular registration must be approved by the Registrar.