Jana Larson (pictured) recently presented a two-day seminar for Bluefield State College Radiology students to augment their preparation to successfully complete the American Registry for Radiologic Technologists’ Certification Exam. 

BSC Radiology Students Take Part in Seminar to Prepare for ARRT Certification Examination

Bluefield State College Radiology students recently participated in a two-day review of material to prepare them to successfully complete the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Certification Exam. Kettering National Seminars representative Jana Larson led the seminar, which is designed to prepare the students beyond the course work they have received since Summer 2019, according to Melissa Haye, Director/Associate Professor of BSC’s Radiologic Technology and Imaging Science Programs.


“Ms. Larson is extremely knowledgeable and presents the information in an effective, student-engaging manner,” Professor Haye noted.  “For the past six years, she has delivered a thorough review of the content for the ARRT exam for our Radiology students, along with mock certification exams to augment their preparation.”


“This seminar has helped our students in past graduating classes to approach the ARRT Certification Examination with greater confidence, and they have enjoyed excellent success that’s reflected in high passage rates on the exam,” Haye summarized.



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