Dr. Tina Coleman, Keynote Speaker During BSC Nursing Programs' 50th and 30th Anniversary Celebrations

BSC Commemorates Landmark Anniversaries for Nursing Programs With Featured Speaker

Dr. Tina Coleman addressed an audience of nearly 200 Bluefield State College students in the institution’s School of Nursing and Allied Health joined BSC faculty and community health care providers on campus, April 9.

Her presentations highlighted a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the BSC Associate Degree Nursing program and the 30th anniversary of BSC’s Baccalaureate Nursing program.

Dr. Coleman, whose career as a nurse, author, physician, and entrepreneur, spoke about “Mastering the Art of Falling Forward.”

“The desire to succeed is not enough,” she told her audience. “You need a strategy. You also need to recognize that failure exists to give you the opportunity to restrategize. Gain something from failure, because rejection is redirection.”

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