Local Couple Donates $50,000

Local couple donates $50,000 towards the Shott Foundation Challenge

A heartfelt $50,000 gift….


Bluefield State College is honored to accept a very generous and heartfelt gift of $50,000 towards the $1.5 million dollar Shott Foundation Challenge and making the residence hall a reality. A local couple, who wishes to remain anonymous, explains what it means to them to give back to their community.

Both were born and raised in Bluefield, WV.  Vowing to not stay in the area, they quickly realized the value of their home among the hills and returned. Having seen the city and its people thrive and suffer with the economy, Bluefield State College remained a beacon for any who sought the opportunity for education. Embracing their home, they became very active members of the community and began their involvement with public service.  Mentoring children is their favorite way to contribute, and seeing those children undergo their personal battles and overcome the odds they faced brought out the sense of pride parents feel as well as the gratefulness for the blessings in their lives. 

Reflecting back, the couple who had worked closely with the encouraging personnel of Bluefield State, remembered how they always went above and beyond to care for the students, their education, and their situation.  Recognizing they might be the first in the family to attend college, or the opportunity for their education came later in life, every effort was made to help those students succeed.  This resonated with the couple and influenced their decision to invest in the college that gave so much to the students who need it, and the community they call home. 

Bluefield State College offers their tremendous gratitude to this couple who continues to give hope and opportunities to those in the region for many generations to come. 

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