Career & Graduate Fair

A special day to savor the moment!

Those years of late-night studying paid off Tuesday, March 21st as this year’s 2016-17 Grads received a well-deserved sendoff at the Bluefield State College Spring 2017 Graduate Fair in the Hebert Gallery located in the BSC student center.  The event was complete with opportunities to enter drawings for door prizes.

The morning took on a celebratory tone as the graduates heard words of congratulations and encouragement from Registrar Terry Thompson, Provost Dr. Angela Lambert and an impassioned address urging each graduate to reach new heights from BSC President, Marsha Krotseng. The attendees also had the opportunity to speak to graduate school representatives and organizations who presented future employment opportunities. Followed by door prizes!

Other presenters discussed how to prepare for the job market.  Mr. Scott Pitt covered the do’s and don’ts of building a strong and effective resume, Carolyn Kirby spoke of the importance of dressing for success and tips on interviewing skills and Dr. Deirdre Guyton, Director of Alumni Affairs spoke on what it means to be an alumnus. 

After the event, there were several wet eyes as the attendees filed through the BSC Book Store to pick up their honor cords, caps and gowns, as the emotions of the day and the recognition of their accomplishment set in.  


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