What is the Room and Board Charges per semester for the 2024-2025 Academic Year?

Medical Education Center Residence Hall

  • Single Room Rate – $4,200
  • Double Room Rate – $2,900
  • Triple Room Rate – $2,200
How do I complete my housing application and select a roommate?
Students can find instructions for the housing application & room selection process in the website’s Housing Selection section.
Can I request someone as my roommate?
Yes! However, Bluefield State University MUST have accepted both students’ applications, and both must have paid their housing deposits and completed a housing application.
Are single rooms available?
Single rooms are available depending on annual occupancy and bed space availability. These rooms have an additional expense and are on a “first-come, first serve basis.” Students need to request a Single Room on the housing application or request to be placed on the Single Room Waitlist for consideration. The University does reserve the right to adjust assignments throughout the year to make better use of the spaces available or make appropriate accommodations.
What if I have a physical disability and require special housing?
First, you should indicate your need and gather all required documentation of your disability, such as a special diagnosis and doctor’s recommendation. Second, you will need to contact the Academic Success Center at (304) 327-4098.

The Office of Housing & Residence Life works in coordination with the Academic Success Center to evaluate your need, determine eligibility, and make any reasonable accommodations.
May I switch my housing assignment?
It depends. You may request to switch your room or roommate by contacting the Office of Housing & Residence Life at (304) 327-4088 or by emailing housing@bluefieldstate.edu before the semester begins. After the semester starts, housing assignments are “frozen” for two weeks.

The Office of Housing & Residence Life handles room change requests on a case-by-case basis and authorizes changes at their discretion.
Room “Freeze” Periods:
For Bluefield State University to verify all housing assignments, and for you to have time to adjust to university life and get to know your roommate, we require that all students remain in their original room for the first two weeks of each semester. At check-in and during the “freeze,” students should fill out roommate contracts and discuss their living habits together. Following that time, we will have a two-week move period where any resident can move as long as they follow all procedures and receive approval from the Office of Housing & Residence Life.
What does the university provide in the residence hall room?
Each residence hall room has the following for each resident: a desk & chair, an extra-long twin bed, a wardrobe, and a two-drawer dresser. There are multiple styles of room furniture throughout the building. All rooms have both wired and wireless internet access, although students must provide ethernet cords. All residence hall rooms have heat and air conditioning. (some rooms have control units and some are controlled by the Facilities office). 4th Floor East Wing has communal showers for residents (individual room showers do not exist on this wing).
Is Cable Television available?
Bluefield State University offers enhanced wireless in the residence hall rooms to permit students to view their subscribed television streaming. They may augment streaming with an indoor digital antenna, which enables the reception of local channels. These antennas must be tabletop models, and the university does not permit students to mount them on the interior or exterior walls or windows.
Is there a curfew in the residence halls?
We do not have curfews, so students are free to come and go as they please. We do have a visitation, overnight guest, and escort policy for all residents – see the Residence Life Handbook. The Medical Education Center Residence Hall has secure front entrances and room doors. Only those with a valid ID or hard key and pre-authorized access are permitted and able to enter.
How do I sign up for a meal plan?
More information can be found on the Dining Services webpages, and the university automatically bills to your account. Residence Hall Students do not need to complete a separate meal plan application, as all students residing on campus will have the Blue Meal Plan. All residence hall students are required to participate in the campus meal plan.
Will I have a campus mailbox and email?
The university assigns all residence hall students a campus mailbox and email account. You receive your campus mailbox number when you arrive for check-in. When the university accepts a student, they send them their email information and login credentials. Your mailing address will be:

Bluefield State University
First and Last Name
Campus Mailbox #
450 Cherry Street
Bluefield, WV 24701