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Notice of Board of Governors’ Action and Request for Comments

Please review the documents listed below and submit your comments to jmoricle@bluefieldstate.edu.

Executive Orders


Memorandum No. 24-001


Executive Order 24-003

Executive Order 24-002

Executive Order 24-001


Executive Order 23-005

Rescinded Executive Order 23-004

Executive Order 23-003

Executive Order 23-002

Executive Order 23-001


Executive Order 20-005

Executive Order 20-006


Institutional policies and procedures are sequentially numbered and grouped by subject matter:


BG-101 Reserved
BG-102 Policymaking
BG-103 Presidential Appointments, Responsibilities and Evaluation
BG-104 Interinstitutional Cooperation and Sharing Between Public and Private Higher Education in West Virginia
BG-105 Making Agendas Available to the Public
BG-106 Financial Exigency


AC-201 Academic Objectives
AC-202 Program Review
AC-203 Grade Point Average for Associate and Baccalaureate Degrees
AC-204 Standards and Procedures for Undergraduate Admissions
AC-204A Standards and Procedures for Undergraduate Admissions
AC-205 Assignment of Academic Credit and Financing Noncredit Instruction
AC-206 Textbook List
AC-207 Transferability of Credits
AC-208 Intellectual Property


CM-301 Reserved
CM-302 Naming or renaming of buildings or organizational units
CM-303 Use of Institutional Facilities
CM-304 Disposition of Obsolete and Unusable Equipment, Surplus Supplies and other Unneeded Materials for Bluefield State University
CM-305 Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy


FC-401 Reserved
FC-402 Faculty Development
FC-403A Academic Freedom, and Professional Responsibility
FC-403B Academic Freedom, and Professional Responsibility
FC-403C Academic Freedom, and Professional Responsibility
FC-404 Repealed 1-7-2021


AP-FC-001 Post-Tenure Review Procedure


FS-501 Reserved
FS-502 Assessment, Payment and Refund of Fees
FS-503 Awarding of Undergraduate Tuition and/or Fee Waivers
FS-504 Purchasing
FS-505 Institutional Bookstore Return Policy
FS-506 Fundraising Policies and Guidelines
FS-507 Reduced Tuition and Fee Program for State Residents who are at least 65 Years of Age


GA-601 Reserved
GA-602 Change in the organization of Colleges, Schools, Divisions, Departments or other administrative units
GA-603 Holidays
GA-604 Alcoholic Beverages on Campus
GA-605 Social Justice
GA-606 Repealed
GA-607 Measles and Rubella Immunization
GA-608 Credit Card Solicitation on Bluefield State University Campus
GA-609 Enforcement and Penalties for Traffic and Parking
GA-610 Enrollment Management Council
GA-611 Chemical Hygiene
GA-612 Bluefield State University Archives and Records Management Policy
GA-613 Campus Safety Policy
GA-614 Drug And Alcohol-Free Campus And Workplace
GA-615 Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
GA-616 West Virginia Freedom of Information Act Requests


HR-701 Reserved
HR-702 Staff Development
HR-703 Employees
HR-704 Employee Leave
HR-705 Ethics
HR-706 Personnel Administration
HR-707 Employment of Adjunct Part-time Faculty
HR-708 Repealed
HR-709 Catastrophic Leave
HR-710 Employment Innovations
HR-711 Grievance Procedure
HR-712 Salary Policy
HR-713 Hiring Policy
HR-714 Employee Wellness
HR-715 Employment of Relatives (Nepotism)
HR-716 Classified Staff Workforce Reduction


RS-801 Reserved
RS-802 Research and Scholarship Misconduct
RS-803 Extramural Grants and Contracts Administration
RS-804 Financial Conflict of Interest on Federal Grants Policy


ST-901 Reserved
ST-902 Student Rights and Responsibilities
ST-903 Student Academic Rights