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The writing lab is a component of the ASC Computer Lab in BS Room B101, a general-use computer lab offering free and open access for all BSU students. Lab equipment includes 19 computers available for student use, two printers, and one webcam.

Its purpose is to help students succeed in their academic endeavors, particularly in the area of writing. The Writing Lab operates in conjunction with the Academic Success Center by utilizing the ASC tutors. Students are welcome to use the lab any time during business hours independently or while receiving assistance.

There are two ways to receive assistance through the Writing Lab. The first is Writing Lab Assistance online, where students can email drafts for final review. The second is to schedule a writing tutor weekly. This option is for students who struggle in the writing process to get to the draft stage.

Writing Lab Assistance Expectations

  • Students may submit a paper draft to mronhovde@bluefieldstate.edu for editing.
  • Nothing but completed drafts will be accepted. If you need help starting your essay or research paper, you will be referred to tutoring for assistance.
  • Students must clearly attempt all criteria of the assignment.
  • Students must also submit the assignment prompt and guidelines from the professor with their draft. Drafts received without an assignment prompt will not be edited. A screenshot of the assignment prompt is acceptable.
  • Students must run spellcheck and editing tools in Word before submitting to the Writing Lab.
  • There is an expected 48 hours turnaround time from the date and time of turn-in as connected with the closest regular business day and hour (M-F 8 am to 4 pm).
  • Writing lab paper reviewers will make suggestions to fix structure, grammar, and punctuation mistakes in your papers.

Writing Tutor Expectations

  • A writing tutor can assist you with topic ideas and ask you questions to prompt the development of your thesis.
  • A  writing tutor will walk you through the correct steps in developing a clear, concise, and well-thought-out paper.
  • A writing tutor will assist you in staying on topic and n control of your paper.
  • Students must come having read any prompts or class readings in relationship to the paper. Students are expected to bring this material (or have digital access) to the tutoring session as well.
  • Students need to attempt the assignment before the tutoring session. “I don’t know how” is not a valid excuse. Make a list of topics, at the very least. Show you have thought about the subject prompt.
  • Students must bring the assessment prompt and guidelines from the professor to the session. Tutoring sessions without an assignment prompt will be ended by the tutor. A screenshot of the assignment prompt is acceptable.

Other Writing Lab Resources

  • Writing handouts on a variety of writing skills for quick reference
  • Handouts and grammar guides you may use in the lab

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