Bluefield State College student Eden Scruggs is pictured at the office of South Central Educational Development, where she recently completed a Project Success paid internship.

BSC Student Completes Ascendium Education grant/Project Success paid internship at South Central Educational Development



Bluefield State College student Eden Scruggs utilized a Project Success paid internship to develop practical skills that enhanced her career preparation and complemented her understanding of the classroom preparation she is receiving at BSC.

Through an Ascendium Education grant, her Project Success internship took place at South Central Educational Development, an organization serving southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia by providing services to a diverse population, advocating for the prevention of HIV and reducing poverty.

Scruggs, a Falls Mills, VA resident and a senior Social Science major at BSC, noted, “My post-graduation goal is to be involved in social work, helping with programs designed to benefit the community. With my Internship at South Central Educational Development, I have been able to get a head start doing just that!”

“My experience at South Central Educational was amazing,” she continued, “and my coworkers and supervisors have quickly become like family. I have been able to see how programs and events are developed and how they run.  I made important connections and learned about resources available within our community.  The internship furthered my education and knowledge in the field.  I am grateful to have gotten this opportunity at South Central and am looking forward to what is ahead!”

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