Jessica Holley-Davis, Bluefield State College Health Services Management major

BSC Student Utilizing “Project Success” Paid Internship at Mercer County Health Department

Bluefield State College student Jessica Holley-Davis is utilizing a Ascendium Education “Project Success” paid internship opportunity at the Mercer County Health Department.  

I have 10 plus years of working in a hospital setting and have learned firsthand about how important public health is to the community, certainly during the COVID-19 Pandemic,,” noted Holley-Davis, a senior majoring in Health Services Management.  “The COVID-19 vaccination and Flu clinics have truly shown me what public health really means to the community.  It is about outreach and providing various prevention methods to create and promote a healthy community.”

“This internship is bringing all of my learning full circle in understanding how healthcare plays a vital role in day-to-day life.  I now have a better perspective on what success really is in healthcare,” she added.

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