BSC Students to Receive $870,000+ in COVID-Related Funding

Bluefield State College officials have announced that more than $870 thousand dollars in COVID-related funding will be distributed to BSC students this month.  “Every student registered for classes when the Fall 2021 Semester began on August 12 will receive a direct payment,” noted College President Robin Capehart.

The payments will be tiered, based upon each student’s financial need and full time or part time status, with payment amounts ranging from $250 to $1000, according to Ronnie Hypes, BSC Chief Financial Officer.  “Bluefield State has received CARES act funding and two additional rounds of COVID-related funding during the pandemic,” he stated.  “Direct aid to students is one of the categories for which the funds can be used.  It is important to note that BSC’s international students also qualify to receive the direct payment.” 

“It is gratifying that Bluefield State College can pass along this financial assistance to our students,” Hypes said.  “Each of the 1250 students registered for classes this semester will receive the direct payment, likely before the end of August.”

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