Kurt Landefeld

BSC’s Kurt Landefeld Discusses Speech Writing in Advanced Composition Class

Award-winning novelist and author Kurt Landefeld talked about writing formal essays (speeches) as today’s featured speaker in the “Advanced Composition Class,” taught by BSC faculty member, Dr. Sudhakar Jamkhandi.  Landefeld, who writes and produces the Bluefield State College “Blue & Gold” quarterly magazine, talked to students about the keys to writing an effective speech. 

Drawing upon his decades of experience as a successful producer and writer of national and local marketing programs and his experience in all media, Landefeld shared ways to write speeches that are memorable, have structure, engage audiences, and start and end strongly.


Landefeld is probably best known for his novel, “Jack’s Memoirs: Off the Road,” a fictional memoir that “brought back to life” Jack Kerouac, a novelist and pioneer of the Beat Generation, who died at 47.  Through his novel, Landefeld opened the door about what Kerouc’s life might have been like in a new, imagined road journey.

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