Bluefield State College's tennis courts receive a "makeover"

Bluefield State College’s tennis courts receive a “makeover”

BSC’s Tennis Courts Receive Major “Makeover”

One of Bluefield State College’s more “aesthetically challenged” areas is now one of BSC’s “most attractive” venues.  The campus tennis courts had fallen into disrepair in recent years, but a collaborative effort, spearheaded by BSC tennis coach Louis Belt, has changed things for the better.

“Thanks to the support and concerted efforts of many, including BSC administration, BSC maintenance, MAC Contractors, BSN Sports, and most of all, the BSC Student Life staff and student workers (Daniel Ellison, Kristen Taylor, Randy Maxey, Sabrina Workman, Jimmy Moreland, Chris Kapke), this area has been restored to excellent condition,” Belt explained.  “The renovated area is accented by added landscaping, blue tennis courts, and a 94 foot windscreen with the “Bluefield State College” logo across the length of it.”

Belt is grateful for the insight, talent, and hard work so many have invested in the project.  “The vision, commitment, and hard work, including countless hours cleaning, power washing, and painting on the project truly shows that teamwork does make the dream work,” he continued. “By working together we were able to efficiently take an area that was deteriorating and in disorder and turn it into one that is appealing, useful, and something we can all be proud of.”                  

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