Bluefield State College Welcomes “Last Chance K9 Services” to Campus October 7 and 8

Bluefield State College Welcomes “Last Chance K9 Services” to Campus October 7 and 8

Bluefield State College will welcome the “Last Chance K9 Services” to campus on October 7 and 8 for career presentations. These presentations, which are free and open to the public, will take place in the Basic Science Auditorium, 9 am-4 pm both days.  

The “Last Chance K9 Services” presenters will be working in collaboration with several academic areas including psychology, sociology, business, and marketing.  Founder and Owner Michael Davis will bring a K9 from the program to demonstrate training techniques.  In addition to founding and owning “Last Chance K9 Services,” Davis is a private and public sector K9 expert. He has experience in Clandestine Operations and invented S.T.A.I.R.S. K9 Detection Tools. He has served as Intelligence and Psychological Operations Specialist and as Director of K9 Operations and Training for C.R.I. Israeli Training School.

“Attendees at the program will have the opportunity to observe live narcotics K9 demonstrations, as well as live patrol K9/attack demonstrations, and learn the value of K9s in Corrections,” explained Shelia Hallman-Warner, BSC Professor of Criminal Justice.  “Participants will be informed of the opportunities available to use military background in creating a business.  In addition, aspects of gun, bomb, and drug detection will be shared.”

“They will also will have the opportunity to meet these internationally renowned trainers, as well as Daniel Alorik, the creator of Grunt style clothing, the world’s largest clothing company designed for military and law enforcement.” Professor Hallman-Warner added.  In addition to being a successful businessperson, Alarik is a former US Army drill sergeant.

Other presenters include:

Bobby Klepper–an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) expert. He has served as International Director of the International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators (I.A.B.T.I.). and as Senior Special Agent at the Virginia State Police Department Bomb Squad.  Specializing in countering advanced explosive devices and undercover operations, he is currently a Department of Homeland Security operative., and

Steven Lundin–founder and CEO od 10 Code LLC.  He is a certified FBI Bomb Tech and UXO, and is retired from the Bismarck, North Dakota Police Department. Lundin is an undercover operations specialist and an advanced explosive devices expert.  He was shot in the line of duty and will be discussing the dangers of the law enforcement world.

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