Pictured (left-to-right) are Paul Rutherford (Bluefield State College Purchasing Director), Michael Collins (BHS Principal), and Don Jones (BHS Assistant Principal).  BSC recently donated from the College’s surplus inventory several chairs, desks, and laboratory stools that are now used to replace equipment in multiple classrooms and one laboratory.

BSC Donates Surplus Furniture and Equipment to Bluefield High School

BSC Donates Surplus Furniture and Equipment to Bluefield High School

Bluefield State College has recently donated several pieces of surplus furniture and equipment to Bluefield High School, assisting BHS in upgrades in multiple classrooms and one laboratory.  Paul Rutherford, BSC’s Director of Purchasing, collaborated with Bluefield High School Principal Michael Collins and Don Jones, BHS Assistant Principal during the process.

Bluefield High School and Bluefield State College have had a long-standing relationship that continues to be strong to this day,” noted Mr. Collins.  “Bluefield State College presented us with an opportunity to receive some furniture from them, which was a blessing.  BHS was able to replace some older furniture at the school and was provided some equipment that we did not have here.  The staff and students are very grateful for the items that were given to us and we have already put them to great use.”

“According to the WV Higher Education Policy Commission Purchasing Manual, surplus material can be disposed of in several ways,” Rutherford explained.  “BSC utilized the option permitting transfer to municipal, county, state, and federal agencies and institutions as a means to dispose of excess equipment and help agencies in our area.”

In recent weeks, BHS has received from BSC a sufficient number of tablet (combination chair & desk) chairs to furnish multiple classrooms, as well as enough lab stools to equip one laboratory.  “We believe that sharing with our local agencies benefits them and, at the same time helps us serve the community,” Rutherford added.  The College is also working with other municipal entities and area schools to donate additional surplus equipment.


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