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Enrollment in New Online Degree Programs in Engineering Technology Grows Rapidly at BSC

(Bluefield)–The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree program at Bluefield State College has quickly grown to become the largest degree generator among all baccalaureate engineering technology programs at the College.  Recently, a new Associate of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology (Industrial Track) degree program, also offered online, has been introduced, providing a coordinated two-step approach for nontraditional students seeking to complete a technical degree and develop outstanding career potential in a rapidly expanding field.

“Since its establishment at Bluefield State in 2014, the Engineering Management program has been extremely popular,” noted Dr. Shannon Bowling, Dean of the BSC School of Engineering Technology and Computer Science.  “Just four years after it was introduced, Engineering Management produced more graduates than any other program in our School.”

“The growth of our Engineering Management program took place because it prepares graduates with the potential for a variety of high demand positions, along with the potential for advancement within those fields,” he continued.  “A traditional technical degree doesn’t provide much management experience, but this degree allows students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in engineering to meet 30-50% of the requirements for the Engineering Management degree,” he continued.  Engineering and engineering technology graduates can gain employment in their field, then work while they complete the requirements for the Engineering Management degree, he explained.  “Most important, these graduates place themselves in a position to be promoted within a relatively short amount of time.”

The A.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology (Industrial Track) is designed for nontraditional students wanting to complete a technical degree.  At BSC, these students have the opportunity to study topics that include design and operational characteristics of electrical circuits, electrical machinery, industrial controls, power systems, and electronics equipment.  “The A.S. program was developed to address the need of returning students—those who started a degree program but were interrupted in their studies when life responsibilities arose,” the School’s Dean added. 

As a graduate program director at Old Dominion University in 2011, Bowling presided over the largest master’s degree engineering management program in the United States, and he’s confident these new programs at BSC are poised for continuing growth.  “The A.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology and B.S. in Engineering Management can be completed as an online, hybrid, or traditional degree program, and they prepare students for numerous careers like industrial engineer, production manager, manufacturing engineer, operations manager, and logistics manager,” he stated.

 Additional information about these degree programs can be obtained by contacting Dr. Shannon Bowling, Dean/BSC School of Engineering Technology and Computer Science, (304-327-4131),

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