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Bluefield State College’s New 8-Week Compressed Semester Option Now Available, Classes Begin October 8th

A new 8-week compressed semester option for students will be launched on October 8, 2018 by the W. Paul Cole, Jr. School of Business at Bluefield State College.  The compressed format, delivered totally online, is an excellent fit for current students, community college graduates, former BSC students whose degree pursuit was interrupted after they’d earned 75 or more hours credit, and Regents Bachelor of Arts students, according to Dr. Steve Bourne, Dean of the Cole School of Business.

“If you wish you’d enrolled at the start of the fall semester, the compressed semester option now permits you to earn college credit, instead of waiting for the spring semester,” Dr. Bourne explained.  “For anyone seeking to prepare for advancement in your career field, the opportunity is now available.”

“The compressed semester is a better fit for anyone with a busy schedule,” he continued.  “Students receive the same quality of instruction, cost structure, and financial aid eligibility as students enrolled in the traditional 16-week semester.  The format helps students to remain engaged in their studies and earn college credit in half the time.”  Dr. Bourne also observed that the compressed semester format could help BSC students who wish to pick up a course to replace one they’d dropped earlier in their college career.

Five of the six courses in the inaugural compressed semester are upper level (junior/senior level) courses, and four require no prerequisite.  Courses include Accounting Information Systems, International Business, e-Commerce for Entrepreneurs, Production/Operations Management, Principles of Management, and Human Resources.

The 8-week compressed semester begins on October 8, 2018 concluding on December 10.  Students requesting financial aid must complete the admissions process by October 1.  Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Dean Bourne ( 304-327-4087).

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