Dr. Jeff Bolton

Dr. Jeff Bolton, Faculty Member, Co-Authors Engineering Textbook

(Bluefield)—An engineering textbook co-authored by Dr. Jeffrey Bolton, a Bluefield State faculty member, and Dr. L.G. Kraige, Professor Emeritus of the Virginia Tech engineering faculty, has been published and is in use at institutions of higher education throughout the world. The book, Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, Eighth Edition, was written to provide a solid foundation for students’ understanding of statics principles. The textbook series has been in existence for more than sixty years and is considered the definitive textbooks in its field.

An Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology at Bluefield State, Bolton collaborated with Dr. Kraige and the late Dr. J.L. Meriam. Dr. Kraige served as Dr. Bolton’s advisor during his graduate years at Virginia Tech. The Dynamics course at Bluefield State is designed for third year students. “Dynamics and Statics form the foundation for nearly all engineering majors,” Bolton observed. “They are the backbone for everything our students study in both Civil Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology.”

“Through the process of co-authoring this book, my own knowledge of the subject deepened tremendously in doing research for ‘good problems’,” he continued. “The process of writing pushes me to be the best I can be.”

The text helps students develop their problem-solving skills with an extensive variety (more than 1500) problems related to engineering mechanics and dynamics. “The problems in the textbook are realistic,” he said. “That’s extremely important because we want students to apply their knowledge in situations that mirror what they will experience in ‘real world’ settings.”

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