Dr. Robert Lowinger Addresses Audiences in Taiwan and the Philippines

(Bluefield)—Dr. Robert Lowinger’s explanation of how to translate psychological research in a statistically measurable manner was a topic in high demand on a far-reaching basis. The BSC Psychology faculty member chaired a section of an international psychology conference in Japan, then lectured in Taiwan and the Philippines.

As a consulting editor for the North American Journal for Psychology, Dr. Lowinger was contacted by a University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines’ faculty member, who was requesting help in statistically analyzing his research. “I mentioned that I was lecturing in Taiwan this summer and I offered to travel from there to the University of Santo Tomas to help him,” Lowinger explained. The visit expanded into a Lowinger-presented seminar attended by UST faculty and focused on psychology research methods and advanced behavioral statistics, followed by his fast-track course on Advanced Statistics for master’s and doctoral psychology students at UST.

“There’s a tremendous need in both the United States and abroad that deals with the topic of psychology research, and how to translate research projects into statistically measurable components for analysis. I listened to their studies and determined how to statistically measure, in a data-based manner, the findings of their research,” he explained.

Interestingly, Dr. Lowinger and his colleagues at the University of Santo Tomas have continued to communicate following his return to BSC, as he fields research questions from the Philippines’ institution’s faculty and staff.

Earlier this summer, he presented a paper at the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology” conference in Japan, and chaired a research section on “Intergroup Relations.”

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