A: All first-year freshmen are enrolled in the program.

A: Mentors are experienced students who have attended specialized training. Many mentors are motivated because they can remember only too well how confusing they found their first year of college, and would like to help new students to find their way around as quickly as possible.

A: Mentors can help you find your way and provide information that will make college life much easier. Mentors are not counselors or experts in dealing with personal problems. However, like you, they were new students bursting with questions about their new way of life.

A: All Mentors are trained in mentoring skills. Mentoring groups will be randomly selected. One of the strengths of participating in mentoring group activities is the diversity and range of experiences you all bring.

A: That’s really up to you. We anticipate that at the beginning of your first semester, you will meet quite frequently and remain in contact via email and face-to-face meetings. As the semester and academic year progresses and you become more confident, it may be that you won’t feel the need to contact us very often.

A: If meeting for a group or campus activity, your mentor will send you an email as to where on campus they will be getting together with your group before heading to the activity. It may be that you all decide to factor in a social event for your group, such as bowling. One-on-one meetings will take place at a convenient campus location, such as the Peer Mentoring Office or the Student Center.

A: There is no charge for the program; the only cost to you will be your time.

A: While we hope that all first-year students take advantage of the program, your level of participation is up to you.

A: All freshmen are assigned a peer mentor during their first year at BSU.

A: Typically the program will run for your first 2 semesters, concluding before the exam period of the second semester.

A: Nothing. You are automatically enrolled during your freshman year at Bluefield State College. If you are a first-year freshman and have not been contacted by a Mentor, please contact the Program Coordinator.