As a participant you agree to do the following:

  • Arrange to meet with your mentor following your initial introduction meeting
  • Talk about your experience as a student studying at Bluefield State College
  • Ask for help if you feel you don’t understand something
  • Ask about campus locations you are particularly interested in seeing or finding
  • Be respectful of other’s ideas, values, or solutions
  • Not assume that your experience will be the same as your peers
  • Not over-commit yourself time-wise


  • Always contact your mentor and fellow students within your group via your BSC email or office phone number
  • Always meet on campus or in a public area
  • Never discuss anything personal that makes you feel uncomfortable with your mentor
  • All discussions are confidential between you and your mentor unless there is a risk to either your well-being or someone else’s


Mentors are not trained counsellors. They have received paraprofessional training to help assist you in your educational experience. Remember, your mentor is a student who has a different level of skills that may not always be compatible with your needs. Both mentors and students must act in accordance with the College’s Student Code of Conduct. Mentors will adhere to all FERPA, HIPAA, and school policies. Contact details and personal information must be treated as confidential unless there is a risk of well-being to yourself or others. If you feel uncomfortable or worried about information disclosed to you please contact the Program Coordinator. Bluefield State College reserves the right to withdraw you from the program at any time.