Procurement and Materials Management

The Procurement and Materials Management area consists of purchasing, inventory, surplus property, university purchasing cards, copiers and Secretarial Services. The office is located in Room 109 Ned E. Shott Physical Education Building. 


The University Purchasing Office is committed to its role as a service organization as well as its dedication to the highest standard of purchasing practices.  Its primary goal is to obtain goods and services of the best quality at the best price. There are specific policies and restrictions involved with the acquisition of goods and services for Bluefield State University. This handbook was designed to aid offices and divisions in the acquisition of such goods and services. All information in this handbook may be revised without prior notification.  Revisions will be distributed as needed.  Any variation from specified guidelines listed in this manual must be approved in advance, and will be put into writing prior to processing any order.


The WV code vests the governing boards with the authority to effect purchases and acquire materials, supplies, equipment, services and printing for the State’s university and universities.  Authority is granted to the Governing Boards in WV Code 18B-5-4 through 18B-5-8.   Bluefield State University adheres to the revised Purchasing Regulations effective December 1, 1995 under Senate Bill No. 547 and Series 21 Procedural Rule, State College and University Systems of WV.

Commitment of Institutional Funds

Only the President or the VP Financial & Administrative Affairs may encumber funds for the institution.  Any person who is not authorized to approve a purchase or contract, or who does so in a manner that is in violation of state law, or the rules, policies and procedures of the Governing Boards having jurisdiction, shall be personally liable for the cost of such purchase or contract.   Purchases or contracts violating state law and/or the rules, policies and procedures of the Governing Board having jurisdiction shall be void and of no effect. Purchases are not considered approved until they have been processed through the finance system and a formal PO has been printed, approved and distributed. Bluefield State University will not be responsible for a commitment of funds or services without prior respective approval from the President or Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs.

All areas should encourage WV’s small, disadvantaged, minority and women-owned businesses to participate in purchasing opportunities, by bidding them as often as possible.

Ethics in Purchasing

Purchasing in the public sector is a public trust and the highest degree of professional and ethical standards should be maintained at all times.  WV Code 6B-1-1 et. seq., the Ethics Code, is applicable to all purchasing, receiving, inventory management, and surplus property activities performed under the jurisdiction of the Governing Boards. 

Vendor Ethics

Any vendor violating the WV Code or rules, policies and procedures of the Governing Board having jurisdiction or failed to meet required standards of earlier contracts may be suspended from the right to bid on or submit a proposal for institutional purchases for a period of up to one year

Vendor Registration

The WV Code requires that all vendors be registered with the WV Department of Administration, Purchasing Division, prior to receiving a purchase order for competitive products and/or services exceeding $25,000.  A $125 annual vendor registration fee, payable to the State of West Virginia, is required from vendors receiving a purchase order for competitive products and/or services exceeding $25,000 per order.  Those exempt from paying the fee are vendors supplying sole source (non-competitive) products/services, or vendors receiving a purchase order in the aggregate amount of $25,000 or less per order.


The state purchase card is the primary payment tool for all agencies, and should be used whenever possible. The purchase card is a VISA product offered through CITIGROUP, which provides an extremely efficient and effective method of acquiring and paying for goods and services that fall under its guidelines.

Purchasing Policy

Secretarial Services

The Secretarial Services area consists of the mail room, print shop and university stockroom. It is located in Room 104 Shott Physical Education Building and is for institutional use only. 

  • Stock Room: The university stock room maintains a stock of office supplies commonly being used in reasonable quantities. 
  • University Copier: Copiers are located in each building and are for public and institutional use.  
  • Printing: The university has its own internal print shop. Outside printing is permitted but must have prior approval.