Bluefield State College realizes its Mission of preparing “students for diverse professions…informed citizenship, community involvement, and public service in an ever-changing global society” and its Vision by “embracing the diversity that shapes our world” through the Office of International Initiatives.

The Office of International Initiatives is responsible for International Student Recruitment, Integration, and Retention and Internationalizing the College’s Curriculum.

International Student Recruitment, Integration, and Retention: Working collaboratively with the Office of Student Affairs/Enrollment Management; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; and, Title III, the Office of International Initiatives

  • Recruits international students through WV HEPC’s StudyWV portal, BSC’s English for International Students program, and EducationUSA offices worldwide
  • Assists with the College’s SEVIS Certification process
  • Maintains and updates international students’ SEVIS records (attendance verification, transfer out, dependents, status monitoring if enrolled less than full time, extension of degree program, authorization to drop below full time, financial information, personal information, updating I-20s)
  • Ensures adherence to SEVIS regulations prior to approving Curriculum Practical Training
  • Helps international students to prepare complete Optional Practical Training applications for submission to ICE
  • Ensures compliance with Department of Homeland Security’s policies related to online courses
  • Provides logistical support for international students’ participation in campus and off campus events and experiences – welcome reception, United Day celebration, cultural immersion trips within West Virginia and surrounding states provides logistical support for international students’ community involvement and public service activities
  • Updates the online International Students Handbook annually

The Office of International Initiatives fulfills HLC Criterion 1.C. The institution provides opportunities for civic engagement in a diverse, multicultural society and globally connected world, as appropriate within its mission and for the constituencies it serves.

Internationalizing the College’s Curriculum: In collaboration with the VP for Academic Affairs/Provost and the Schools of Business; Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; and Nursing and Allied Health, the Office of International Initiatives:

  • Provides academic advising and guidance to international students relating to academic matters
  • Incorporates international and intercultural perspectives into the College’s curriculum through presentations by visiting international scholars
  • Broadens the scope of the College’s curriculum with study abroad exchanges, faculty-led study abroad, and non-BSC study abroad programs with the College’s international institutional partners and Knowledge Exchange Institute
  • Facilitates research collaboration and faculty exchanges with the College’s international institutional partners
  • Exposes Study Abroad Points of Contact in the College’s Schools to best practices in Study Abroad
  • Oversees the College’s J-1 Exchange Scholars program

The Office of International Initiatives fulfills HLC Criterion 3B3: The education offered by the institution recognizes the human and cultural diversity and provides students with growth opportunities and lifelong skills to live and work in a multicultural world.

The Office of International Initiatives also fulfills the College’s Institutional Learning Outcome of Social, Artistic, and Cultural Literacy:  Students will analyze and compare diverse social and cultural patterns, texts, and performances and will evaluate them from a global perspective. 


Sudhakar R. Jamkhandi

Director: Sudhakar R. Jamkhandi, Ph.D.,
SEVIS Designated School Official and Alternate Responsible Officer for J-1 Exchange Scholar Program
Study Abroad Committee
Professor of English
Coordinator of Agora, A Celebration of Creative Expression
Coordinator of Humanities Challenge
Phone: (304) 327-4036

International Initiatives at Bluefield State College Facebook

Office of International Initiatives Advisory Committee

  • Sharon Rowe
  • Kitt McCarthy
  • John Feuchtenberger
  • Pete Sternloff
  • Stephen Rowe
  • Jim Ferguson
  • Marvin Woodie
  • Dr. Harold A Cofer
  • Dr. Joe Manzo
  • Thomas F. Gambino, BSC Class of 1967

Study Abroad Points of Contact

School of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Dr. Colin Cavell, Phone: (304) 327-4034, Email:

Dr. Debjani Chakrabarti, Phone: (304) 3274154, Email:

Dr. Bonnie Reese, Phone: (304) 327-4192, Email:

Dr. Amanda Banks, Phone: (304) 327-4176, Email:

School of Business and Professional Development

Dr. Darrel Malamisura, Phone: (304) 327-4508, Email:

School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Dr. Bill Bennett, Phone: (304) 327-4408, Email:

School of Nursing and Allied Health

Betty Nash, Phone: (304) 327-4212, Email:

West Virginia’s Commitment to International Education

Report of the 2003 WV Commission on International Education

EducationUSA centers are the U.S. State Department‘s network of over 400 advising centers in 170 countries designed to assist local students to find the appropriate college or university in the United States. We encourage you to visit your local center for information on selecting the U.S. college or university that meets your needs, understanding and preparing for the required admissions tests, assistance in the admission process, advice on finding financial aid for your studies, preparation for the student visa process, and pre-departure orientations. Click on the link below to find your center!”  

Education USA




West Virginia FACDIS Newsletter 2002