Bluefield State University and the US Department of State’s Diplomacy Lab

What is Diplomacy Lab?

Under the guidance of faculty experts, students participating in Diplomacy Lab explore real-world challenges identified by the US Department of State’s domestic and global posts. The program allows the Department to tap into the intellectual power of U.S. academic institutions and directly involve students in the work of foreign policy.

How does participation in Diplomacy Lab benefit BSU students?

Given BSU’s professions-driven and professions-oriented curricula, participation in the Diplomacy Lab will help students cultivate a global perspective and global relevance of their disciplines.

The DipLab experience will help our graduates catapult into spheres of influence they never thought possible. Our students will be among the state’s most international minded and will enable them to become global citizens by contributing to world peace, world trade, and world diplomacy. The Diplomacy Lab experience will be the enabler, the molder of our graduates’ perspectives about humankind, their habitats, and the well being of fellow humans.

For more information about the Diplomacy Lab, please visit:

BSU Faculty may submit proposals addressing topics of future Diplomacy Labs to or call 304-327-4036.

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