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I’ve arrived. What now?

  1. Obtain your I-94
  2. Update your MyBSU account with your U.S. address and U.S. phone number.
  3. Enroll full-time
  4. The U.S. government requires you to complete an Immigration Check-in which can be done by setting an appointment with the PDSO
  5. If working on campus, submit a Social Security Number (SSN) Letter request in MyISSS.
  6. Receive new I-20/DS-2019 with Travel Signature

Check-in Deadline

Starting QuarterCheck-In OpensCheck-In Deadline
Fall 2024 QuarterAugust 19, 2024September 27, 2024

Next Steps Help

  1. Wait 3 business days after entry to the U.S.
  2. Go to the Customs and Border Protection I-94 website and Use the “Get Most Recent I-94” menu tab.
  3. Check for accuracy. Confirm your I-94 has “D/S” and “F-1″ or “J-1″

Avoid Rejection! Contact information problems are the Number 1 reason check-ins fail.

ISS cannot register your immigration record until you meet enrollment requirements. You must enroll by xxxxxxx or ISS will place a hold on your university account.

  • Undergraduate students – a minimum of 12 credits each semester

Please reach out to your academic advisor or department for help registering for classes.

Set an appointment with your PDSO/DSO to complete the semesterly check-in requirement.

If working on campus, request an SSN Letter from ISS. This will be issued only after we have processed your Immigration Check-in, so please wait until that is done.

Read more about the SSN application process. (hyperlink to SSN info following pages)

After processing your Immigration Check-in, ISS will sign your I-20 with a travel signature valid for 1 year.