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Real World Skills

Our students gain real world skills that lead to real world
That’s why we are not only the fastest growing public college in West Virginia, but also
one of
fastest growing HBCUs in the country.

Pursue your passion with over 40 accredited programs. We excel at educating individuals to
enter a global society
as informed citizens involved in service to their communities.

STEM at Bluefield State College


Bluefield State is one of the most affordable schools in West
Virginia, our curricula is second-to-none for
building a great career.

Graduates are placed into reputable Medical, Law, and Graduate
programs throughout the region

Faculty members are mentors who are invested in each student’s academic

Students have the opportunity to be a part of a world championship winning
robotics team

Education Leads to Prosperity

“I wanted to be that person to help people, financially, be stable.”

Lykel Collier
Class of 2018

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