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Student Ambassador Letter of Recommendation

Some suggestions for possible references are school faculty or staff members, youth leaders (advisors, ministers/pastors/church leaders, coaches, etc.) and employer(s).
Name of Applicant
MM slash DD slash YYYY
The applicant named above is applying for a Student Ambassador position at Bluefield State University. As the face of Bluefield State University, the Student Ambassadors are often the first people one meets at various events and programs throughout the year. The Ambassadors must demonstrate leadership ability, possess good communication skills, have a positive attitude, be self-motivated, have good time-management skills, and represent the positive spirit and mission of the university. When answering the below questions, please keep these desired qualities in mind. We appreciate your assistance in completing this form as candidly as possible.
Reference Name
Please rate the candidate’s ability to interact with others they have just met: (1-poor, has an extremely hard time interacting with people, and 5-fantastic, has the ability to interact with anyone).
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