The annual Matriculation Ceremony marks the official beginning of a new student’s academic career at Bluefield State. By signing the Matriculation Book, students are promising to do their best to be committed members of the Bluefield State community of scholars. During the ceremony, students recite the Matriculation Oath pledging to support the values of our college community.

As a new student at Bluefield State being now admitted to the rite of matriculation;
I do pledge to be an exemplary learner;
to place the highest value on my intellectual, personal, and professional growth;
to respect learning and knowledge;
and to strive for the highest of standards both in and out of the classroom.

As a new student at Bluefield State I will conduct myself with dignity, honesty, and civility;
support the mission and vision of the college;
follow and support the student code of conduct;
and dedicate myself to informed citizenship, community involvement, and public service.

I will strive by all proper means;
to promote Bluefield State’s good name, and be a positive role model to others.
This I pledge to myself, my family, and my college.