Bluefield State College suggests that all students own (or have access to) a personal computer. A working knowledge of its operations and up-to-date programs also boosts the learning experience and instructional curves throughout the educational programs. This means that you should know how to get your computer to do what you want it to do, when you want it to do it. It is in the best interest of all students, staff and faculty members to become familiar with your personal computer before classes start.

Students have indicated that individual ownership of a personal computer or laptop is preferable. BSC houses many general and specific-use computer labs for use by all students, staff and faculty. As a student, staff or faculty member, you have certain resources available for you to purchase discounted software

Suggested PC Specifications
Minimum Recommended
Intel Core i7 Processor 6th Generation Intel Core I7 Processor
Windows 8 Windows 10
200 GB Hard Drive or higher 500 GB Hard Drive or higher
Wireless-N network card Wireless-N network card
Ethernet Network card Ethernet Network card
17" Flat panel display Display
Mouse Mouse
Sound card and Speakers Sound card and Speakers
Optional (highly recommended): High-speed Storage Media USB (thumb or flash drive) or other equivalent portable storage media.
Please note: The minimum requirements are suggested for individuals that already possess a personal computer. The "Recommended" configurations are meant for guidance in obtaining new equipment compatible with school technology standards.
Many college instructional buildings and computer labs have been configured for a WiFi connection, or Wireless Internet. To access the WiFi infrastructure, it is necessary to obtain a Wireless Ethernet Card with a new purchase, which may come pre-packaged in newer laptops. Otherwise, these cards can be obtained at local electronics stores.