The Bluefield State CARE Team is a multidisciplinary group of professional staff from key areas of the college community. Each member brings knowledge and expertise in fields including crisis intervention, student development, health & wellness, retention, academic support, and residence life. The CARE Team collaborates with many other offices and colleagues across campus to connect students with resources and support.

Through early identification of academic difficulties, behavioral disruptions, health issues, or social concerns, the CARE Team works with students to mitigate crises and promote retention and success both in and out of the classroom.

2022-2023 CARE Team Members

Ron Shidemantle
Dean of Students

Jane Charnock
Deputy General Counsel

Dr. Cravor Jones
Director of the Counseling Center

Carolyn Kirby
Director of the Academic Success Center

Sherri Williams
Director of the Student Health Center

Jessica McDaniel

How the CARE Team Works

The CARE Team meets weekly to review CARE Referrals and develop plans for support and intervention. When a CARE Referral is made, it is reviewed for any urgent concerns that require immediate attention. Most of the time, referrals are reviewed during weekly meetings and the team concerns the best way to manage each situation. Not every CARE Referral requires substantial action; in other cases, a series of action items may be developed with the eventual involvement of multiple team members.