UN Day October 24 2018 Dr Bonnie Reese

UN Day October 24 2018 Dr Bonnie Reese

GlobalWV Study Abroad Intern Abraham Ezeagabu

GlobalWV Study Abroad Intern: Abraham Ezeagabu

Email: Ezeagabu_ao@live.bluefieldstate.edu

Phone: (304) 327-4033

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School of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Dr. Debjani Chakrabarti, Phone: (304) 3274154, Email: dchakrabarti@bluefieldstate.edu

Dr. Bonnie Reese, Phone: (304) 327-4192, Email:  breese@bluefieldstate.edu

Dr. Amanda Banks, Phone: (304) 327-4176, Email: abanks@bluefieldstate.edu

School of Business and Professional Development

Dr. Darrel Malamisura, Phone: (304) 327-4508, Email: dmalamisura@bluefieldstate.edu

School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Dr. Bill Bennett, Phone: (304) 327-4408, Email: bbennett@bluefieldstate.edu

School of Nursing and Allied Health

Betty Nash, Phone: (304) 327-4212, Email: bnash@bluefieldstate.edu