Annual contributions make an immediate impact on the lives of Bluefield State University students. These gifts are used in the fiscal year they are received and may be unrestricted or designated for a specific purpose.

These gifts support the Foundation’s Annual Scholarship Fund, which helps students with tuition, books and housing expenses. West Virginia donors can make gifts through the Neighborhood Investment Program, which offers tax credits through the state’s Development Office. These scholarships are given to disadvantaged students, most of whom are from neighboring counties.

Unrestricted giving is often overlooked, because donors of significant gifts (and even smaller ones) like to direct the use of their funds. Its importance, however, is vital. In basic terms, unrestricted giving pays the bills that nonprofits incur doing business and allows the organization to support opportunities for which designated funds are not in place. It's a gift that signifies trust in the Foundation Board and Executive Director, allowing them to decide how best to spend your generosity.