Honors College Requirements

Admission: Acceptance into the program will be competitive and require a completed application form, essay, and interview to be evaluated by the Honors College Committee.  An Index Score comprised of High School GPA, Admission Essay, and Interview will be used to determine the ranking, each weighted equally. Transfer students and students currently enrolled at Bluefield State College must have earned and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.25 (on a 4.00 scale) and not exceeded 30 hours of earned college credits. All applicants must meet minimum placement requirements.

Augmented Curriculum (20 Credit Hours): The Augmented Core Curriculum modifies standard course content, requirements, or performance expectations for the honors student in order to merit honorific designation. The specific nature of the augmented curriculum is to be determined by the Honors College Director and Honors Committee following the guidelines of the National Collegiate Honors Council. This curriculum will replace some of the General Studies Core requirements. Students will be required to have an augmented curriculum for twelve General Studies credits throughout the first two years of their program. An additional eight augmented credits will be required as part of the student’s major academic program (not including the Honors Capstone Project). With the approval of the Honors College Director, a program-specific course can be converted to an honors-enhanced course through the addition of an Honor Recitation (entailing specific enhancements to student meetings, assignments, activities, or curricular scope). The nature and type of augmentation for each individual course will be determined by the instructor in consultation with the Honors College Director. Equivalency credits will be awarded at the completion of the program by the director. Students must successfully complete all augmented curriculum courses with a minimum grade of B to receive honors credit.

Senior Honors Project (3 Credit Hours): Students will design and implement a senior project that reflects the highest standards of student achievement and should represent graduate or professional work in the field. The project will be conceived in consultation with the faculty on record for the respective course and submit their proposal to the Honors College Director for approval prior to the semester in which the student graduates. Students will take the project in their major discipline of study. Students must meet all the prerequisites in order to register for the senior research course and have completed their pathways evaluations with their academic advisor.

International Experience, Internships, Service-Learning Projects (3 Credit Hours): Students will be expected to complete at least three curricular credit-hours of the following before completion of the program and conferral of the honors degree designation: 1) an academic study abroad program/Soliya Connect 2) a professional internship in a business or community organization, or 3) a service-learning project. These credits cannot be earned through the Senior Honors Project. The academic study abroad program must be approved by the Office of International Initiatives. The professional internship or service-learning project must be approved by 1) the student’s academic advisor, 2) the internship organization or agency, and 3) the Honors College Director. A clearly written prospectus of skills learned, tasks accomplished, or outcomes desired for the internship or service-learning project must be submitted. Student performance for the project or internship must be commensurate with the expectations of the program.

Active Membership in Student or Campus Organizations:  SGA, Gamma Beta Phi, Biomedical Club, etc.

Participation in  Honors College Events: Educational and cultural events, off-campus excursions, colloquiums, etc.