Honor students in classroom

Do you want to enjoy small classes, close faculty mentorship, a full-tuition scholarship, and opportunities for enhanced learning that go beyond the classroom? If so, apply today to the Bluefield State Honors College!

Q: What are the advantages of becoming a Bluefield State Honors College Scholar?

A: The Honors College offers an exciting opportunity for dedicated students interested in a more advanced level of academic engagement both inside and outside the classroom. Students will be part of a more rigorous learning environment complemented by an augmented academic curriculum, making them more prepared and competitive in their future graduate studies and careers. Students admitted to the program will receive last-dollar scholarships (valued at the total cost of attendance minus Expected Family Contribution and financial aid), covering remaining costs for books, tuition, and fees. Finally, students who have successfully completed the Honors College will receive an honorific designation on their transcript and diploma, as well as an acknowledgment at commencement.

Q: What are the requirements to become an Honors Scholar at Bluefield State College? 

A: The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • have earned a minimum grade point average of 3.25 (on a 4.00 scale) upon both application and entry to the program;
  • complete the application process for both Bluefield State College and the Honors College;
  • meet minimum placement requirements.

Q: What is the typical profile of an Honors Scholar.

A: Successful Honors Scholars must have earned high grades in high school and have demonstrated clear evidence of intellectual originality, academic engagement, leadership, or service, as well as co- and extra-curricular involvement. The Honors College is an intensive program, designed to allow students to enhance their analytical abilities, leadership, and professional skills while gaining valuable knowledge and experience beyond the classroom.  

Q: If I meet these minimum criteria, am I guaranteed admission to the Honors College?

A: No. Satisfying these criteria does not guarantee acceptance into Bluefield State College or the Honors College. Admission to the Bluefield State Honors College is highly competitive, and enrollment is limited. Meeting the general criteria discussed above means that you are eligible for consideration.  For reasons of curricular standards and accreditation, students planning to major in degree programs within the School of Nursing and Allied Health are not eligible. 

Q: If I am accepted to the Bluefield State Honors College will I get a scholarship?

A: Students admitted as Honors Scholars will receive last-dollar scholarships which will fund remaining costs for books, tuition, and fees. 

Q: What exactly is the difference between an Honors Scholar student and a non-Honors Scholar student?

A: The level of rigor in the Honors College is higher and the intensity of work greater. Students are required to take writing-intensive Honors Seminars as well as enhanced courses throughout their curriculum. Honors core courses are considered enhanced curricula. The nature and type of enhancement for each course will be determined in consultation with the instructor of the course. Students must successfully complete all enhanced-curriculum courses with a minimum grade of B to receive honors credit.

Q: How do I apply to Bluefield State Honors College?

A: To apply to the Bluefield State Honors College, please complete the Honors College Admission Application at https://bluefieldstate.edu/honors/application-honors-college

Q: What are the application deadlines?

A: The priority deadline to submit your application for admission to the Honors College is January 31 for the following fall semester. Applications submitted after this date cannot be guaranteed consideration.