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General Information

The Student Health Center (BSU) is a weekday health clinic for BSU students, faculty, and staff. Our care focuses on routine and acute healthcare needs of our student population. This would include initial diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and/or injuries with appropriate follow-up for most short-term illnesses. On-site specialty care includes reproductive and sexual health services, allergy clinic, travel consultations, and some immunizations. Our providers are experienced in treating common medical problems seen on college campuses and advocate for a holistic approach to health care. We hope to empower students to become partners in managing their health/wellness needs through education and prevention.

The BSU provides in-house rapid tests for Strep, urinalysis, urine pregnancy, covid, and influenza. If any blood draw or x-rays are needed, these services are available at nearby local facilities and will be billed to student’s insurance or personal insurance. There is an on-site pharmacy that has some basic generic medications that can be dispensed when ordered by our provider.

For the convenience of our students, the BSU provides samples of common over-the-counter (OTC) medications in our Self-Care Room and at appointments.   Prescriptions will be electronically transmitted to the pharmacy of choice.

In the event a student requires emergency or specialized medical care, the BSU staff will assist the student in making that process as smooth as possible. The BSU does not participate in any insurance plans and thus cannot do any medication and/or specialist prior authorization. While insurance is not required to be seen in the BSU, it is highly encouraged as it will decrease out-of-pocket costs and stress if outside services are needed.

Students are treated in compliance with FERPA/HIPPA regulations, maintaining complete confidentiality. Their medical information can only be released after a written request has been submitted.

If you have a medical concern, please call to make an appointment.


The Health Center staff is available to address your health concerns. Please contact us at 304-327-4170. Walk-ins are welcomed and they are first-come, first-serve depending on the schedule.  

Mission Statement

“The BSU Student Health Center (BSU SHC) is dedicated to supporting the academic and co-curricular missions of Bluefield State University. By addressing the health needs of our students, the BSU enables students to participate as fully as possible in the classroom, our community and its cultural activities.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Providing accessible, timely, primary care medical services to sick and injured students.
  • Providing routine preventative services such as allergy shots, STD testing, physical exams, contraceptives, and travel consultations.
  • Providing psychiatric medication and referrals to mental health counselors.  
  • Providing a health and medical resource for the campus community.
  • Providing a one-on-one student healthcare counseling during the office clinical encounter.
  • Supporting educational opportunities to encourage and promote the development of wellness, leadership, and citizenship skills for living healthy lives.”

Absence Excuses

The BSU Student Health Center (BSU SHC) does issue excuses for class absences   due to illness if seen in our clinic.   If you are unable to attend class or complete assignments due to an illness, it is your responsibility to contact your professor … in person, by phone or by email … to explain your situation and to provide an excuse for your absence. Most instances can and should be resolved with honesty and trust between you and your professor.

If your professor requests documentation that you were seen in the BSU, you may ask our staff for a Verification of Student Health Center Visit form, BUT it is the sole decision of your professor, not the BSU SHC, to excuse absences and grant opportunities to make up assignments.

The BSU SHC site may issue an excuse only if seen for services provided in the Health Center.  The excuse does not serve as an excuse for missed assignments. We cannot provide excuses if we did not see you or is you missed days prior to the date you were seen. For example, if you had a migraine headache two days ago and missed a test, do not come in today for documentation of your illness.

Because of state and federal privacy laws we cannot state on this form the reason you came to the BSU SHC. Most minor to moderate illnesses requires only brief absences and one’s ability to attend class varies from one individual to the next with the same illness. Therefore, we also will not state that you could or could not attend class.

In the rare instance that your professor insists on talking to us about your illness:

  • Let us know at your visit
  • Notify your professor to call us
  • You must sign a HIPPA form allowing us to talk with anyone about your medical issues, even your parents.

We cannot talk to your professor without written authorization from you.

Should you have a major illness (for example severe mononucleosis) or injury or a dangerous contagious disease, one of our medical Providers may recommend that you not attend classes for 3 or more days. In such cases, you should contact Academic Services and your professors.

A written excuse can be provided to note the days that the provider warrants however, this does not remove the responsibility of assignments during this time.  The individual must notify their respective professors to establish expectations of assignments during your illness.

Chronic Conditions

Students with chronic or long-term medical condition such as diabetes, autoimmune disease, neurological disorder, chronic lung disease, heart disease, etc., are encouraged to contact and visit the Health Center as soon as possible after they arrive at BSU. A visit to the Student Health Center at the beginning of the school year can help the medical staff get acquainted with the student’s health history and plan for any potential issue that might come up during the school year. Please have your physician send us a summary of your medical records, including instructions for any medications or treatments you are to receive. Every effort will be made to coordinate care with your physician or a local specialist. If the medical problem is stable and it is followed by a specialist back home, the student would continue to do so. Any medication a student takes before coming to the university should be continued. It is important to take medications as scheduled. A phone app or reminder system might be helpful.

ADHD Policy

Neither the BSU Counseling Services nor the Student Health Center (BSU) diagnoses or tests for ADHD/ADD. ADHD evaluation requires extensive and careful assessment. Unfortunately, our campus does not have the resources to provide this service. ADHD can hinder your academic success and impact your life as a whole. Learning to live with and manage your ADHD is important for your overall well-being. If you suspect that you have ADHD, we recommend that you have appropriate testing and treatment prior to entering school.

If you are already at school, BSU counselors can provide an initial evaluation of your concern, give general advice and, if appropriate, refer you to a local psychologist for testing. While at BSU, the Counseling Center and the Health Center can provide general support, which often includes helping you figure out your strengths, identifying problem areas and recommending ways to cope more effectively. Let us help you learn better ways to manage your study and your life.

The treatment plan of ADHD often includes a medication component. Should this be the case, any such medications should be prescribed and managed by a psychiatrist or your primary care doctor. The Student Health Center clinicians do not write prescriptions for ADHD. If you are seeking academic accommodations related to ADHD or a learning disability, you will need to be formally evaluated by a psychologist and provide appropriate documentation to the Academic Success Center by calling Carolyn Kirby at 304-327-4098.