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Emerging Scholars Academy

Welcome to the Emerging Scholars Program


There is a significant lack of opportunity for students from disadvantaged areas to enter and succeed in high-need, high-demand, high-wage fields such as engineering. Also, there is a substantial need for minority students in education.

Bluefield State University (B-State) will address this need through the creation of the President’s Emerging Scholars Academy will prepare rising high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds for college-level work in highly challenging fields of study.


The program will focus on students from target high schools in economically disadvantaged areas with a special emphasis on minority students. Each student should display:

  • An interest in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
  • A sincere desire to learn.
  • An earnest commitment to learn.

BSU will select students from ten high schools in areas with a high percentage of
disadvantaged and minority
students. PESA will provide selected students with a summer residential experience as well as a year-long
academic mentoring that focuses on academic enrichment, leadership development, and college readiness.

In preparing these students for college success, the ESA has three objectives:
academic enrichment, developing leadership skills, and college readiness.


  1. Academic Enrichment
    a. Emphasizing reading, writing, and math.
    b. Building cognitive skills.
    c. Creating and developing an academic path to a productive and satisfying career.
  2. Leadership Skills
    a. Creating a vision.
    b. Communicating vision.
    c. Defining the role of values, objectives, and strategies.
  3. College Readiness
    a. Navigating the application and financial aid process.
    b. Understanding the academic environment.
    c. Adapting to change.

Summer Experience

Summer I – One week
  • Rising freshmen and sophomores
  • Academic evaluations
  • Team building
  • College access information
  • Collaborative learning
  • Daily classes in reading, writing, and math
Summer II – Two weeks
  • Rising juniors
  • Science added to reading, writing, and math
  • Increased interaction
  • Additional college access information
Summer III – Three weeks
  • Rising seniors
  • Simulation of freshman schedule
  • Classes in English, math, social science, lab science and art
  • Students work on college applications
  • Campus orientation