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EDUC 490 (#30609) – Culturally Responsive Teaching:
This course will provide educators with practical strategies and tools to create culturally responsive classrooms that celebrate diversity and promote academic success for all students. Participants will explore the principles and foundations of culturally responsive teaching and learn how to integrate culturally responsive practices into their instructional approach. Additionally, participants will deepen their understanding of how culture influences and enriches the realms of teaching, learning, and the overall classroom environment.

SPED 316 (#30611) – Characteristics of Autism:
This online course will explore a variety of topics related to autism including specific definitions and eligibility criteria as well as the characteristics, educational implications, and incidence rate relating to individuals with autism. Also, explore program delivery, instructional strategies, and services for individuals with autism.

SPED 317 (#40297) – Assessment & Interventions of Autism:
This online course will explore various strategies to design, deliver, and evaluate the instruction of individuals with autism. Students will explore effective strategies for collaboration, the use of positive behavioral supports, the development of social skills, and the use of assistive technology for students with autism spectrum disorder. This course requires 30 clock hours of experience in work with students with ASD.