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About this course

This course comprises a unique mix of cybersecurity technical
and real-world industry skills, designed to provide awareness
on the impact of cybersecurity threats in key industries
across geographies.

Cybersecurity Practitioners
can elevate organizations’ overall security posture,
by adopting practices, methods and tools that increase enterprise cyber resilience. Practitioners
provide awareness on the latest cyber threats and can help set the foundation for implementing
an incident response team and a security operations center.

Journey: 75 hours

25% Lecture
Expanding knowledge and understanding of the topic through lectures, examples, videos and quizzes..

35% Hands-on Lab
Implement concepts learnt
with hands-on lab activities, games and simulations..

40% Group Work Activities
Explore industry case studies to understand the real-world impact of the topics covered.

5 Week Semester

Flexible Online Learning

$327 Per Course, $457 with IBM credential

Gain In-Demand Skills

Upcoming Start Date

Winter Intersession 2023



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