Meet Katelyn Shepherd, a native of Bluefield, West Virginia, and one of the new nursing faculty members in the associates of nursing program at Bluefield State University. Katelyn is a lifelong resident of Bluefield and remains committed to giving back to her community in every possible way. She graduated from Mercer County Technical Education Centers’ Licensed Practical Nursing Program in Princeton, West Virginia after she graduated high school and subsequently earned her Associates degree in nursing and then a Bachelor’s degree in nursing with a minor in psychology from Bluefield State University. Katelyn’s passion for nursing education led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Nursing with a specialization in Nursing Education from Walden University, where she later became a certified nurse educator. Katelyn continues to pursue her love of learning and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree from Walden University.

From a tender age, Katelyn held a strong desire to pursue a medical career. As she matured, her passion for nursing grew, fueled by her love for aiding others and her adoration for education. The prospect of marrying these two passions, both as a nurse and a nurse educator, proved to be a perfect match. Katelyn strongly believes in the adage that knowledge is power and finds it gratifying to inspire and assist others in reaching their full potential. It’s a humbling experience that she cherishes deeply.

As a nursing faculty member at Bluefield State University, Katelyn is dedicated to preparing the next generation of nurses to be competent, compassionate, and culturally sensitive healthcare providers. She believes that nursing education should be student-centered and that educators should strive to create a safe and inclusive learning environment where all students feel valued and supported. Katelyn’s teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that education is a lifelong process, and that the best educators are those who are committed to their own ongoing learning and professional development.

Katelyn boasts nearly a decade of professional experience in the nursing field and has worked across multiple specialty areas such as Geriatrics, CCU, Emergency Department, Psychiatric Medicine, and Pediatrics. Throughout her experience, Katelyn has assumed charge nurse responsibilities in some of these roles and has even facilitated educational programs to enhance the quality of care.

Katelyn’s diverse experience has given her a strong understanding of the healthcare system and the needs of patients in different settings. She is passionate about providing high-quality care and ensuring that patients receive the support they need to recover and thrive. Katelyn is also committed to ongoing professional development and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the nursing field throughout her research studies. Her dedication to her work and her patients has earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and superiors, and she continues to be a valuable asset to any healthcare team she joins.

Katelyn’s diligent efforts have been instrumental in her successful career. Notably, she has acquired additional certifications as a certified nurse educator and a certified diabetes care and education specialist. Katelyn has completed two American Sign Language courses and has studied about Deaf culture to be able to better communicate with patient who are hearing impaired. Katelyn has also authored multiple children’s books, including one focused on diabetes and another aimed at preventing vaping among children.

Katelyn’s dedication to her work and her passion for helping others are evident in her many accomplishments. Her commitment to furthering her education and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in her field has made her a valuable asset to her team. Additionally, her creativity and ability to connect with children through her writing have made a positive impact within the pediatric population.

Katelyn herself has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and has taken on the role of an educator, advocate and promoter for diabetes care and management. She devotes a significant amount of time to spreading awareness about gestational diabetes, in particular. Katelyn created “The Gestational Diabetes Podcast” available on Spotify where she has worked diligently to help women going through this disease process. Through her podcast, Katelyn has been able to connect with women across the globe who are battling gestational diabetes and create a supportive network for them.

Katelyn aspires to become a prominent figure in the field of nursing education and contribute towards the betterment of society. Her research interests lie in bridging the gaps in literature concerning women’s health, diabetes, and psychiatric medicine. She hopes to make a meaningful impact in these areas through her continued research as well as she hopes to inspire her students through their nursing education. Katelyn’s grandfather instilled in her the phrase “Be good, do good,” which she now lives by and hopes to instill in her students. The essence of this phrase is to approach the world with kindness, humility, and a desire to make a positive impact. Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary and by spreading kindness, we can all contribute to making the world a better place. Katelyn’s goal is to inspire her nursing students to embrace this philosophy and become exceptional healthcare providers through their compassionate and empathetic actions towards others.