The Book List includes the most recent information and ISBN numbers that have been provided to the bookstore by faculty and publishers. Students and other book purchasers are reminded that ISBN Numbers are sometimes changed by publishers or faculty and the bookstore is (A)  NOT NOTIFIED OF THESE CHANGES OR (B) NOT NOTIFIED OF THESE CHANGES IN A TIMELY MANNER. In such instances, the bookstore is not responsible for problems arising as a result of book purchases from either the bookstore or another source based upon the ISBN numbers included on this list when such numbers were changed by manufacturers after the date upon which this list was compiled.  When the bookstore receives new, revised, or updated ISBN number information from publishers or faculty-information that involves books included on this list, as well as books deleted from or added to this list-the bookstore will revise and post the updated list in a timely manner. While we strive to provide the most accurate price information available, all prices are subject to change any time based on actual publishers’ invoice pricing.

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