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BSC Alumni Association 2020 Reunion


Every month, BSU Alumni gather for special events. Whether they’re recruiting students, making career connections, networking with legislators, or arranging a reunion weekend, alumni and friends serve as valuable ambassadors, sharing their enthusiasm and personalizing Bluefield State University.

Becoming active in the alumni association strengthens the bond between the university and the community and helps to shape the way prospective students, legislators and leaders think about our university.

If you are interested in becoming a member of a chapter in your area, contact Mrs. Mildred H. Washington, Membership Chair, for more information at mhw31@hotmail.com

Association Officers

Membership Application

The Bluefield State College Alumni Association invites all Bluefieldians to become members.

The Alumni Association History

The Alumni Association was first organized in 1908. Its first officers were Dr. W. C. Mitchell, 1906, President, and Mr. George W. Runion, 1908, Secretary- Treasurer. In 1906 Dr. R. C. Harrison, 1901, and H. L. Dickason, 1910, were elected President and Secretary-Treasurer, respectively. In 1922 Mrs. Rosa Mickens-Hobson, 1905, was President and H. L. Dickason was Secretary-Treasurer.

The first meeting date on record was at 3:00 PM., June 2, 1914. Notice of the meeting was listed in the official West Virginia State catalogue for the year of 1913-1914. In an effort to stimulate education, several scholarships are established and fostered by the Association and its members. The organization was approved by the University and the State Board of Education-after some investigation-to be the sole organization to represent the alumni and University. It was registered with the capitol offices in Charleston in the early ’20s and received a Certificate of Incorporation as the Bluefield State College Alumni Association on the 13th day of October, 1956. The original charter members were Allan Connally, Bernice Martin, Virginia Hebert, and Attorney Hugo Payne.

Members of the Alumni Association include educators, teachers, ministers, doctors, lawyers, social workers, morticians, university presidents, engineers, computer workers, housewives, dentists, farmers, mechanics, and skilled laborers make up the majority of the graduates. Several members of our Association are employed in some of the leading positions throughout the United States. The Association is comprised of chapters located in

  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Columbus, OH
  • Mercer County, WV
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Washington, DC

General meetings of the Association are held in the fall and spring of each school year and at each reunion.

The BSCAA established an office on the campus of Bluefield State University on March 6, 1981 in Conley Hall.  Dr. William H. Brothers, BSU Vice-President, and Frank E. Wilson, Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association, coordinated the activity that made the office a reality.

With the fundraising efforts of many alumni, the Office of Alumni Affairs is now housed in Hatter Hall, the former President’s Home and has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places with the US Department of Interior National Park Service. Alumni are always welcome and are encouraged to visit whenever they are in the area.

National Officers (current)

Chapter President
CINCINNATI Orlando Henderson
6390 Lamberton Court
Liberty Township, OH 45044
P. O. Box 22574
Beechwood, OH 44122
COLUMBUS Curtis Phillip, Acting President
3306 Roswell Drive
Columbus, OH 43227
MERCER COUNTY Terry Thompson
2809 Bland Road
Bluefield, WV 24701
6030 Avonhoe Road
Philadelphia, PA 19138
ROANOKE Dr. John Vernon
319 Colorado Street
Salem, VA 24153
WASHINGTON DC Vivian Griffin
7713 Epsilon Drive
Deerwood, MD 20855