Students in a classroom

Bluefield State is focused on student success—on your success—by offering a high-quality, career-oriented education tailored to meet tomorrow’s job market. It is a place where potential is put into practice, where your hopes and your drive connect with a more promising future.

Even though Bluefield State is one of the most affordable schools in West Virginia, our curricula is second-to-none for building a great career. More than 60 percent of our graduates earn degrees in STEM disciplines, including nursing, biology and engineering. We don’t lower our standards—we would never let our students down that way—but our faculty and staff go the extra mile to help you succeed up to the highest standards. If you attend Bluefield State willing to work hard, you will get an education that works for you for the rest of your career.

Here, each student is much more than a number. When you attend Bluefield State, people will know you. We expect excellence from our students, but we invest in you, work with you and inspire you to realize capability you never knew you had.

Students and alumni love this sense of community. “There is a real family atmosphere here,” one Bluefield State student said. “You feel comfortable speaking with faculty, seeking them out.”

Built into a mountainside, Bluefield State College understands uphill challenges. Yet a Bluefield State education is a process of discovery and refining—a discovery of skills, a refining of gifts, a journey to a mountaintop that reveals new horizons in our students’ lives.


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