Allied Health Education, B.S.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Education is the perfect program for those looking to kickstart their career in healthcare. With a comprehensive curriculum covering a variety of allied health topics, this 120-credit hour program provides students with an interdisciplinary degree option that opens the door to a wide range of exciting career opportunities as health educators, administrators, patient advocates, and community health workers in healthcare settings. The program is designed as a 2+2 program, allowing students to build a career ladder from a Community and Technical College Associate degree program.

Real World Success
Health Education

Our graduates can expect to earn a mean annual wage of around $64,930.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students with no allied health background may enter the program in the 4-year traditional track.
  • Must meet general education development (GED) requirements or have a high school diploma, and have an overall grade point average of at least 2.0.
  • Must have completed the following minimum high school curricular unit requirements: 4 units of English, 3 units of Social Studies, 4 units of Mathematics (Algebra I and higher), 3 units of Laboratory Science, 1 unit of Arts, and Foreign Language.

What You Need to Graduate

Completed general studies curriculum

Aggregate 2.0 GPA in all courses

Invest in Your Future

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